Best work for young audiences


This award gives recognition to the artistic project of excellence that has been specifically created for young audiences. The award is intended for productions involving creative professionals in the production of artistic works of excellence involving children and young people aged between 0 and 16 years.


Best project in the community


This award is designed to encourage, honour and promote excellence in artistic projects with communities. The award focuses particularly on social engagement initiated through art, social and cultural exchange, inclusion and creative participation process.


Best artistic programme or season


This award recognises the best artistic program presented over the years in terms of quality of the proposed work, its impact on the arts sector, at national level, and the criticism earned in general. ali.  


Production of the year


This award recognises the best artistic production that was presented during the year in terms of quality of work, its impact on the arts sector both nationally and, if relevant, international as and the general criticism earned.  


Best creative enterprise


This award seeks to recognise the creative enterprise that has achieved the best results in a number of areas such as sustainability, economic growth, job creation, collaboration with other business sectors, access to new national and international markets, the diversification of its creative results and the development of innovative and creative product or service. 


Best international achievement


This award celebrates the best work by artists or artists who have shown an extraordinary willingness to overcome certain obstacles in building international elements to connect. This award seeks to recognise an artist / s, who despite all obstacles, managed to enter the international arena and gained international success over the past year.


Young artists of the year


The young artist of the year award recognises young practitioners who have distinguished themselves during their artistic formation, artistic achievements and their distinguished commitment throughout the year. 


Artist of the year


This award recognises the artist prevailing mainly based on the quality of work in terms of presentation and performance, impact on the arts sector and the general criticism. The award recognises the artist, who through his / her work, moves away from traditional artistic parameters in order to contribute to the advancement of the arts in the islands through any form of art throughout the year last.


Audience’s choice


This award will recognise the best artistic production of the year based on the opinions and experiences of the audience. The public is invited to vote for a production that deserves the most, in terms of quality, impact and positive experience. 


Innovation award


This award recognises the most innovative artistic project of the year based on research methodology, implementation, appearance and representation. The award recognises projects through the innovative use of concepts and practice went beyond traditional artistic parameters and have contributed to the advancement of the arts. 


Lifetime Achievement Award


This award will recognise an individual, who, during his / her career was a significant creative contribution to Maltese cultural and creative sector.


Honour for Ambassador of the Arts

This honour promotes individuals who protect and fight for the cultural sector in our country.  


Honour for Cultural Promoters


This honour recognises groups or individuals, groups or organisations that have made a positive impact on the Maltese creative sector and / or international calls through their work at various levels, including production, funds and brokerage of occupational contacts.


Honour for Artistic Legacy


This honour rewards those who work and struggle in order to promote our country’s artistic heritage.

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